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When is comes to a commercial roof in Fort Collins, replacement shouldn't be the first and only option. Learn more about cost-effective coatings

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Commercial Roof Coatings

Stonescape Roof Restoration and Coatings is a national roof restoration contractor. Preserve your property in Fort Collins with Commercial roof coatings that protect it from harsh UV rays and environmental damage, all while getting tax breaks and saving money.

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Commercial Roof Failure: What are The Causes?

There are many things that can add up overtime that cause issues with your current roofing system. Find out some common issues!
Neglecting Maintenance
The number one reason roofs face early failure is when they have had maintenance neglected. Roofs need regularly inspected and maintained just as a car.
Sturctural Movement
Buildings, as well as roofs, expand and contract with changing weather. Overtime this can create penetrations and fastening points to become vulnerable.
Putting Off Maintenance
Often enough what seems like a small leak can be brushed off. Often enough a small leak is a sign of bigger issues and can cause further damage to the interior.
Roofs are at risk for long-term and short-term exposure to the elements such as UV rays, temperature, and precipitation as well as pollutants and chemicals.
Biological Growth
Especially with flat roofs, ponding can cause the growth of algae and vegetation which can interfer with the roofing system doing its job.
Interior Changes
The interior of building humidity level can cause issues with the roof. If not vented properly, humidity can accumulate as condensation.

Short-Term Causes of Commercial Roof Failure

Severe Weather
From high wind to heavy rain and hail, severe weather can cause immediate damage to roofing systems.
Equipment Additions
If building tenants put items on the roof improperly, there can be damage caused from rips to fasteners or seals coming loose.
Trade/Unintentional Damage
From inspectors to HVAC services, there are other people on the roof. At times, unintended punctures or improper work causes leaks.
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Our services

Stonescape serves commercial properties nationwide with these services.
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Roof Coatings

Commercial roof coatings for your Fort Collins property are a great way to extend the life of your roof. Whether you have a flat or metal roof, coatings are a tax write-off and will provide energy efficiency for your property.
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Roof Restoration

Commercial roof retoration is a great way to get your roof back to a like-new condition without having to replace it. Prevent leaks and costly interior damage and get your system doing its intended job.
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Roof Repairs

Not every roofing issue requires a replacement or more expensive solution. If you are finding leaks inside of your property, sometimes a simple commercial roof repair will fix the issue. With our team of technicians, we can assess the issue.

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What we do

With decades of combined experience, our team can help with your commercial roof coating needs in Fort Collins and the Front Range.

Preventative Maintenance

Stonescape offers preventative maintenance packages that keep your commercial roof in optimal condition, including scheduled inspections, cleaning, upkeep, and more.

Flat Roofs

Our commercial roofing company specializes in all types of flat roofs including TPO, EPDM, PVC, and more. Whether you need a replacement or a solution to extend its life.

Metal Roofs

Stonescape is no stranger when it comes to metal systems. Let our trained technicians solve your metal and steel needs. From coatings to repair, we have you covered.


Knowing there is a problem is just the start. Our certified technicians can provide you with a detailed assessment of your Fort Collins commercial roof and our recommendation of action.


Have a leak causing damage to your property? Let Stonescape's experienced team repair your commercial roof. From poor workmanship issue to failing material, we can help.

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